A Design Studio connecting Place, Experience, and Community.



We are a Shenzhen-based collection of thinkers and doers who seek to empower and activate people, communities, and places around China and beyond. 

Founded in 2010, the studio’s work is simultaneously creative, socially minded, culturally conscious, commercially grounded, and impactful; with a proven track record in creating narratives people want to engage with and places people want to experience.

From place to Place.


SANS三思 service extends from early stage positioning and alignment through to implementation, programming, monitoring and evaluation. We work with a view to long term collaboration, ensuring our work creates maximum possible value for our clients.

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This work can be broadly categorised into three streams:



Insight generation from qualitative and quantitative data research.

- Ethnographic Research

- Community/Stakeholder Workshops

- Systems Analysis

- Trends and Forecasting

- Reports & White Papers

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Making insights actionable through the co-creation of solutions.

- Strategic Planning

- Stakeholder Co-Design

- Positioning

- Bidding/Funding Proposals

- Interior & Experience Design

- Landscape Design

- Visual Identity & Graphic Design

ACROSS CHINESE CITIES–CHINA HOUSE VISION_exhibition design by DONTSTOP architettura and Omri Revesz Design Studio_2.jpg


Alignment and promotion through guides (internal) and stories (external).

- Content Production

- Curation

- Exhibition Design & Implimentation

- Publication Design & Production

- Event Management


The Global School / Program Development (Beijing-based International Think Tank - Bside Design) 

Placing Shangsha / Shenzhen Urban Village Revitalisation (UABB2017 & Urbanus)

Shangwei Mechanism / Shenzhen Urban Village Revitalisation (UABB2017 & Future+)

Hong Kong International Flower Show / Narrative and Landscape Design (Shenzhen Urban Management Bureau)

CITIC PORT / Strategic Planning & Project Positioning (CITIC Publishing Group)

Village Reset / Rural Revitalisation Qingpu, Shanghai (Design Venture Forward - DVF)

Kwan Yen Project / Yantai Old Town Revitalisation (China Chuang Yuan 中国创源)

Dashilar Project / Beijing Hutong Revitalisation: Strategic Planning & Implementation (Guang'An Holdings Ltd & Xicheng District Government)

Shanzhai City / Founding Team: Social Impact Measurement & Blockchain Technology (SZC Holdings HK/SZ/SF)

Beijing Design Week: Design Hop Dashilar Alley / Curation, Exhibition Design & Operation (Guang'An Holdings & Beijing Gehua Culture Development Group)

Baitasi Remade / Beijing Hutong Revitalisation: Program Development & Community Engagement (Beijing Huarong Jinying Group & Beijing Gehua Culture Development Group)

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: ACC: China House Vision / Visual Identity (Beijing Gehua Culture Development Group)

GSAPP Studio X Baitasi / Data, Insight, Value Co-creation Workshop (Studio X, Columbia University)

GSAPP Studio X Dashilar: Housing In-between / Exhibition, Symposium & Workshop (Studio X, Columbia University)

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014: Across Chinese Cities / Visual Identity & Content Creation (Beijing Gehua Culture Development Group)

Design-in-Progress / Exhibition Design & Content Creation (Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art - CGCCA, Manchester)

Bishan Project / Exhibition Design and Production (Auckland Triennial 2013)

Bishan Harvestival & Yixian International Photo Festival / Exhibition Design and Production

Get it Louder 2010 / Exhibition Design & Production (Modern Media Co., Ltd)

UABB (Urbanism and Architecture Bi-City Biennale) Shenzhen and Hong Kong 2009 / Assistant to the Chief Curator